This page describes how to install RightLink 10 on your custom images. RightLink has the ability to be installed at boot time using cloud-init. This workflow is recommended as it allows the usage of standardized images released by various vendors such as Canonical. However, RightLink can be pre-installed if needed on a freshly built or snapshotted image.


Launching RightLink 10 enabled Servers without downloading and installing RightLink at boot time because of:

  • Limited outbound connectivity
  • Internal policy
  • Lack of existing image options on a public or private cloud. For example, while Ubuntu images with cloud-init are generally available as they're provided by Canonical across the board, other operating systems may have limited availability.
  • Need to use Advanced networking for RCA-V features. Software for this feature will automatically be installed with RightLink 10.2.0 and newer if VMware Tools or open-vm-tools are installed.


  • Install script: root privileges, tar, and curl.
  • RightLink itself: sudo and cloud-init. The standard OS cloud-init will usually work. However, for SoftLayer a custom cloud-init is required. See Cloud-init Installation for details. Also, while cloud-init supports Azure, it will not currently work as the RightScale platform does not pass userdata in the correct format to be read by cloud-init.
  • RCA-V images require VMware tools to be installed. Please see RCA-V Image Requirements.


rightlink.install.sh options are:

  $ script/rightlink.install.sh -h
  Usage: rightlink.install.sh [-options...]
  Installs/Upgrades RightLink on an an image.
    -l    create 'rightscale' user to enable managed login. disables if left off.
    -s    start rightlink service at end of this script
    -h    show this help
    -v    verbose mode

Example: The following will install the latest GA RightLink on an Ubuntu image with managed login enabled. To install without managed login remove the -l flag:

  apt-get -y update >/dev/null
  apt-get -y install cloud-init python-serial sudo
  curl -s https://rightlink.rightscale.com/rll/10/rightlink.install.sh |
    sudo bash -s -- -l

Installing Behind a Proxy

The rightlink.install.sh script performs a download of the installation files using wget/curl. Therefore, if running from behind a proxy, it is necessary to set the http_proxy and https_proxy environment variables before running the script. Another option is to download the installation package and untar it and then run the install.sh script that is part of the tar file.

rightlink.uninstall.sh options are:

  $ script/rightlink.uninstall.sh -h
  Usage: rightlink.uninstall.sh [-options...]
  Uninstalls RightLink.
    -f                    override command prompt confirmation for uninstall
    -v                    verbose mode
    -h                    show this help

The following example will uninstall RightLink from disk. -f means not to prompt for confirmation.

  curl -s https://rightlink.rightscale.com/rll/10/rightlink.uninstall.sh |
    sudo bash -s -- -f