RightLink version 10 (RL10) is a new version of RightScale's server agent that connects servers managed through RightScale to the RightScale cloud management platform.


  • Very simple and fast enablement of already running instances using existing images as well as official OS images.
  • Support for RightScripts stored in source-controlled repositories (git or svn)
  • HTTPS-only communication with the RightScale platform
  • Proxy for API 1.5 allowing local scripts to make requests to the RightScale platform with ease


RightLink 10 targets the following use-cases:

  • Enable-running: You have an already running instance and want to add RightScale functionality, such as monitoring, alerts, managed login, operational scripts.
  • Install-at-boot: You have an existing image that you would like to provision and manage via RightScale without modifying the image (similar to automatically enabling a running instance at boot).
  • Install-on-image: You want to create new images with RightScale functionality baked-in, resulting in the highest reliability and fastest boot time possible.