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Latest Weekly Changes

Week of 2018-08-06

Cloud Management

New Features

  • Added support for the AWS r5, r5d, and z1d instance families.
  • New CM 1.6 Cloud Account API to expose cloud accounts registered in the RightScale account. The index call will return the subscription-id for Azure, Account id for AWS, and Project name for Google in the tenant_uid field of the response. The API requires observer role on any account.
  • Support for discovering Google Custom Instances. RightScale will now detect the custom instance and display it in the instance list for Google. It may take up to 5 minutes before the information is updated.


Week of 2018-07-30


New Features

Announcing a completely redesigned multi-cloud policy management capability in RightScale with built-in Cost, Security, Compliance, and Operational policies to help you achieve quick ROI.

Key Capabilities

  • Built-in Policies for Cost, Security, Operational, and Compliance use cases
  • Dry run policies and then configure them to take automatic actions on any API backed cloud, service, and resource
  • Automate policies across your entire cloud landscape (multiple accounts)
  • Maintain policy-as-code using the built-in policy template language to write your own policies
  • Policies can enforce rules on any cloud or any service with an API
  • Automate your policies using the fully-featured Policies API and documentation

Learn more about RightScale Policies.






Week of 2018-06-25

Cloud Management

New Features

  • Added support for the AWS c5d and m5d instance families


Change in Behavior

  • AWS has released a new feature that can help ensure cost information is accurate in Optima when charges occur after a bill closes. Follow the instructions on the AWS release page to update your cost and usage report settings to enable this feature for reports configured with RightScale.

Week of 2018-06-11

Cloud Management

New Features

  • Server Array scaling behavior can now be customized using Cloud Workflow. When a server array needs to scale up or down, custom RCL logic can be used to tailor the specific behavior, such as configuring the launching instance to use spot pricing or available RIs, or ensuring the terminating instance is the instance of your choosing.


New Features

  • Optima now has a global Organization Selector for all users that have access to more than one organization in RightScale. The org selector replaces the in-page org selectors on Billing Centers and Reserved Instances and provides organization-scoped data on the Dashboard, Instance Analyzer, and Accounts page. The Dashboard and Instance Analyzer still support seeing data from across organizations using the All Organizations option. The org selector is disabled for the Scenario Builder, Scheduled Reports, and Budget Alerts pages. If a user has access to only one organization, the org selector is hidden.


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