In addition to just storing RightScripts and ServerTemplates in the RightScale Cloud Management system, you may wish to store them in your own version control system such as Git or Subversion. The easiest way to achieve this is using the Right ST tool. This tool simplifies pushing RightScripts or whole ServerTemplates into the RightScale CM system.

Right ST Tool Method

Right ST is an open source tool maintained by RightScale's RightLink team. We provide pre-compiled binaries for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Right ST works with scripts using RightScript Metadata Comments and thus supports specifying default and possible values for inputs supporting all RightScale input types. It also supports specifying attachments in the metadata comments and will use file checksums to determine if a file needs to be uploaded to the platform when uploading.

Right ST is a command line tool so it can be used directly as part of the development process, in a shell script, as part of a post-commit hook, or in a continuous integration system such as Travis CI, AppVeyor, or Jenkins.

RightScript Usage

You can read about Right ST's support for RightScripts in its documentation for Managing RightScripts. The RightScript related commands are:

right_st rightscript show <name|href|id>
  Show a single RightScript and its attachments.

right_st rightscript upload [<flags>] <path>...
  Upload a RightScript
    -f, --force: Force upload of RightScript despite lack of Metadata comments
    -x, --prefix: Append a prefix to RightScript's name when uploading. For
                  creating dev/test versions of scripts.

right_st rightscript download <name|href|id> [<path>]
  Download a RightScript to a file. Metadata comments will automatically be
   inserted into RightScripts that don't have it.

right_st rightscript scaffold [<flags>] <path>...
  Add RightScript YAML metadata comments to a file or files

right_st rightscript validate <path>...
  Validate RightScript YAML metadata comments in a file or files

ServerTemplate Usage

You can read about Right ST's support for ServerTemplates in its documentation for Managing ServerTemplates. The ServerTemplate related commands are:

right_st st show <name|href|id>
  Show a single ServerTemplate

right_st st upload <path>...
  Upload a ServerTemplate specified by a YAML document
    -x, --prefix: Append a prefix to ServerTemplate and RightScript names when
                  uploading. For creating dev/test versions of ServerTemplates.

right_st st download <name|href|id> [<path>]
  Download a ServerTemplate and all associated RightScripts/Attachments to disk

right_st st validate <path>...
  Validate a ServerTemplate YAML document