This page outlines the steps for using the rightlink.disable.sh or rightlink.disable.ps1 script to disable previously enabled raw instances. The method allows us to revert all the changes that were made to the instance in order to make it a RightScale server. This includes deleting and stopping RightLink, removing the 'rightscale' user which includes the associated credentials and sudoers file, removing all RightLink init scripts, removing user-data, and reverting any changes made to local configuration files.


  • Servers that were previously enabled raw instances using the RightLink enablement script
  • Servers that were previously enabled incorrectly (such as using the wrong ServerTemplate)


  • The disable script must be executed with root/administrator privileges
  • A server that was a previously enabled raw instance
  • Ability to execute a command-line on the instance
  • RightScale OAuth key for the desired account (Settings > Account Settings > API credentials in the dashboard)

How it Works

  1. The command line to run on the instance looks something like this, for version 10.5.2

    curl -s https://rightlink.rightscale.com/rll/10.5.2/rightlink.disable.sh | sudo bash -s -- -k e22f8d37...456


    $wc = New-Object System.Net.Webclient
    $wc.DownloadFile("https://rightlink.rightscale.com/rll/10.5.2/rightlink.disable.ps1", "$pwd\rightlink.disable.ps1")
    Powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -File rightlink.disable.ps1 -k e22f8d37...456
  2. The downloaded disable script locates the server details via API 1.5.

  3. The script identifies all of the items on the server that will be deleted and/or reverted to their original state.

  4. The script prompts you to continue with the disablement.

  5. The script makes the disable API call and upon confirmation of disablement, it deletes/reverts all items that were listed.

  6. The server will no longer exist in the RightScale dashboard and will now show as a raw instance again.

(Disabled servers that have been returned to raw instances can be enabled again)

For reference (note: this may change):

  $ script/rightlink.disable.sh -h
  Usage: rightlink.disable.sh [-options...]
  Disable a RightScale server that had been a previously enabled server.
    -k refresh_token      RightScale API refresh token from the dash Settings>API Credentials (req.)
    -s server_href        this server's HREF (disables self-detection) (ex. /api/servers/123456789)
    -a api_hostname       the hostname for the RightScale API, default: my.rightscale.com
    -f                    override command prompt confirmation for disablement
    -h                    show this help


  • The '-k' option is mandatory.
  • The following options are not mandatory and should be automatically detected if run from the instance itself: -s, -x, -a
  • The RightLink service should be running and not stopped as stopping RightLink will cause the server to go into a 'decommissioning' state, which is an invalid state for the server to be in during the 'disable' process.