Cloud Management

New Features

  • Network Manager - Outbound security group rules are now supported for Openstack in Network Manager.

  • API 1.5 - Spot Pricing - Allowing the specification of Spot or On-Demand pricing for Server and ServerArray resources via API 1.5 adds further flexibility in selecting the best instance pricing for a given workload. While already available in the Cloud Management user interface, this feature extends this functionality into API 1.5. Read more about it in the API docs here:

  • Customization - Logo Support - Cloud Management now provides a setting for organizations to change the top-left logo in the Cloud Management and Optima interfaces to your own custom logo. Read more about changing the RightScale Logo to your own custom logo here.


Changes in Behavior

  • It is now easier to use HTTP functions in RCL with RightScale APIs. To make any call to any of the RS APIs, just omit the authentication header and Cloud Workflow will use the existing session to make the call. Note that this means the user running the CloudApp must have the requisite permissions (or have had them delegated to the CloudApp).

  • Fixed a bug where terminating Azure instances sometimes failed due to the boot volumes not having been deleted yet.