RightLink v6.3.4

Release Version: RightLink 6.3.4 GA

Release Date: Aug 27, 2015

RightLink v6.3.4 is a point release with the following bug fixes:

  • Updated right-agent gem to 2.6.1 - Robustness improvements. Reconnects quicker if network connectivity is restored after a long down time.
  • Rackconnect fix - No longer stuck in booting if Rackspace account is provisioned for Rack Connect, but the data center is not.

You can view full changes in the GitHub repository located here. Archived Release Notes for older releases are available Here

It is also recommended that you review the RightLink 5 to 6 Breaking Changes document which identifies changes in RightLink 6 which may cause issues with ServerTemplates previously working with RightLink 5.


New Features

  • New Resource Support - The CAT language now supports additional resources, including: Networks, NetworkGateways, PlacementGroups, RouteTables, Routes, Subnets, and more. Leveraging these resources gives you the ability to define entire networks as part of your CloudApp. For more information on the resources supported by the CAT language, see our reference guide..

Changes in Behavior

  • Bugfix: fixed the denormalization of HTTP headers in http_ function calls in RCL.
  • The Next action for CloudApps is now more accurate, showing only actions that apply given the current state of the CloudApp (i.e., we will hide the start action if the CloudApp is already in the Running state).
  • Improved the handling of regular expressions for parameter input validation. For more details, and for a link to an interactive, online regex testing tool, read our reference guide.
  • The logic used for the delete() function in RCL (used both in custom code and by the auto_terminate built into Self-Service) has been improved to more accurately determine resource dependencies and ensure that resources are deleted in the correct order.

Cloud Management

New Features

  • GCE - Remove Public IP Option - When creating an instance, server, or array on GCE, you now have the option to remove the public IP from the instance, ensuring that it will not have a public IP assigned when it is launched. When using this option, you must ensure that the instance's private network allows routes to the RightScale platform in order for RightLink to connect.

Changes in Behavior

  • RightScale now identifies and correctly handles cases in which instances are stopped/started in the cloud instead of through RightScale. This applies to AWS, Azure, VMware, and SoftLayer.
  • For OpenStack cloud registration, if the protocol returned by the public endpoint is incorrect, we instead use the protocol used in the catalog.