New Features

  • New Resource Support - The CAT language now supports additional resources, including: Networks, NetworkGateways, PlacementGroups, RouteTables, Routes, Subnets, and more. Leveraging these resources gives you the ability to define entire networks as part of your CloudApp. For more information on the resources supported by the CAT language, see our reference guide..

Changes in Behavior

  • Bugfix: fixed the denormalization of HTTP headers in http_ function calls in RCL.
  • The Next action for CloudApps is now more accurate, showing only actions that apply given the current state of the CloudApp (i.e., we will hide the start action if the CloudApp is already in the Running state).
  • Improved the handling of regular expressions for parameter input validation. For more details, and for a link to an interactive, online regex testing tool, read our reference guide.
  • The logic used for the delete() function in RCL (used both in custom code and by the auto_terminate built into Self-Service) has been improved to more accurately determine resource dependencies and ensure that resources are deleted in the correct order.