Cloud Management

New Features

  • Support for New AWS Instance Types - RightScale now supports the new M4 and t2.large instance types. Both instance types support 64-bit HVM AMIs and require to be launched within a VPC. For information on the M4 instance type see the official AWS blog entry - The New M4 Instance Type. For information on the new t2.large instance type see the official AWS blog entry - New T2.Large Instances.


New Features

Introducing CloudApp Permissions - The permissions required to launch and operate a CloudApp in Self-Service are now captured in the CAT itself and can be delegated to users with lower levels of permission. This allows you to build complex CloudApps that can be launched by anyone on your team without worrying about giving them explicit permissions on all the resources in the CAT. Older CloudApps that use the legacy permissioning model are labeled as such in the Catalog for Designers so that they can be updated. Read more about CloudApp permissions here.

Changes in Behavior

  • Text inputs now support multi-line entry. Just hit enter or paste in text and the text input will grow as needed.