New Features

  • User defined product logo in Optima. Users can now set their own company logo in Optima. This works by setting a logo on the RightScale master account. Currently this is done by contacting your account manager with an image you would like uploaded. However our next iteration is providing this service to the user, so they can set it themselves.

Bug fixes

  • Some users saw a line going up in Optima analyze page on the first bar in the top bar chart before going to the right. This is now fixed.
  • There was a bug where export CSV would not load. This is now fixed.

Cloud Management

New Features

  • Login Panel - We now have a new Dashboard Login Panel with cleaner styling for an improved user experience.
  • OpenStack - The web socket tunneling software wstunnel is now supported for OpenStack. The wstunnel server establishes a TCP socket tunnel over a web socket connection.

Changes in Behavior

  • Search Box - The search box in the Dashboard header now has expand/collapse functionality.
  • Account Overview - You can now hide the Getting Started content box on the Account Overview page. Previously, the Getting Started box would always be visible for the first 30 days that a new account was active. Now, clicking the 'close' button on the Getting Started box will dismiss the box.
  • Instance Provisioner - The Placement Group setting in the Instance Provisioner for Azure cloud is now optional.

Note: Archived Release Notes are Available Here