New Features

  • VMware vSphere and Rackspace Support Added to Instance Provisioner - The Instance Provisioner in the RightScale Dashboard now supports VMware vSphere and Rackspace. You can access the Instance Provisioner by navigating to Manage > Instances & Servers > New Instance. For additional information on using the Instance Provisioner in the RightScale Dashboard see New Instance on the RightScale support site.

  • Style Updates - We're refreshing part of Cloud Management Dashboard and converging on CSS buttons for cross-product design consistency.

  • AuditEase - Audit information is now updated automatically on the Audit Entries tab. You no longer have to refresh the page manually to see the latest audit log records. This feature is now available to all customers.

  • SoftLayer SSH key support - SSH keys created in SoftLayer management console can now be used through RS dashboard and API during server launch. SSH keys can also be imported into SoftLayer, using RS dashboard. Note: At this time, SoftLayer cloud does not allow creation of new SSH keys. New SSH keys have to be created using tools like ssh-keygen and then imported into SoftLayer through RS dashboard or using SoftLayer management console directly.

Changes in Behavior

  • Cost Information in CM is Starting to be Removed - We will be gradually removing cost information from the CM Dashboard, first from the deployment overview widget on the Widgets dashboard, and also on the old Servers view in a deployment.

Note: Archived Release Notes are Available Here