RightScale ServerTemplates

ServerTemplates are one of the key concepts of the RightScale Dashboard. To help you get up and running faster, RightScale regularly publishes ServerTemplates for commonly used web applications. Navigate to Design > MultiCloud Marketplace in the CM Dashboard to see what's available. Although you can use a ServerTemplate as-is to launch a server, you can also clone it to create a private, editable copy that you can then customize for your own application.


What is a ServerTemplate?
ServerTemplates allow you to pre-configure servers by starting from a base image and adding scripts that run during the boot, operational, and shutdown phases. A ServerTemplate is a description of how a new instance will be configured when it is provisioned by your cloud provider.

View MultiCloud Marketplace
In the Cloud Management Dashboard, go to Design > MultiCloud Marketplace to find a variety of different ServerTemplates that have already been published by RightScale, ISV Partners, and others. For example, you'll find ServerTemplates for building servers that satisfy common server roles such as a PHP FrontEnd, Rails AppServer, MySQL EBS server, etc. Simply find the ones that are relevant for your application and either import or subscribe to them to add copies of them to your 'Local' collection. Use them as-is or clone them to create editable copies that you can customize for your own purposes. Watch our ServerTemplates Video for a better understanding of how ServerTemplates can be used to launch servers in the cloud.

Getting Started with ServerTemplates

Visit our RightLink10 SeverTemplate Documentation for information on the latest SeverTemplates.

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