New Policies

  • Underutilized Azure Reserved Instances reports on Azure Reserved Instances that are not being utilized to help identify and remediate waste.
  • Budget Alerts allows you to set a budget amount on a per-billing center or organization level and get an alert when your actual or forecasted spend is above the specified budget amount.
  • Azure Hybrid Use Benefit identifies all VMs not leveraging Azure Hybrid Use Benefit (AHUB) and allows for AHUB to be enabled after approval.

Changes to Existing Policies

  • Untagged Resources - fixed issue with creating tag for invalid_tag
  • Downsize Instances - Added cpu and memory datapoint check for instances that are operational, but not sending monitoring data back to the platform


New features

  • In addition to monthly, quarterly, and biannual calendar periods, the Optima date range calendar now has an additional tab for daily granularity, as seen below. When daily is selected, users can choose a custom range of up to 31 days in the calendar. Daily data is available in Tabular View and all Dashboard reports except the resource list, which will support a daily calendar period at a future date.

    daily granularity