New Features

  • To increase the effectiveness of Cost savings recommendations in billing centers, you can now Ignore a recommendation that does not apply to you by simply clicking Ignore Recommendation from the actions menu or from the recommendations detail page. You can restore an ignored recommendation and make it active the same way as well. You will need billing_center_admin role in the billing center or at the RightScale organization to perform this action.

Cloud Management

New Features

Optima (new features)

New Features

  • Added a new date picker for Tabular view in Billing to provide additional controls over the granularity and timeframe shown in the table.


  • Recommendations in billing centers can now be ignored, helping to reduce the noise by providing a way for non-applicable recommendations to be hidden for users. Users with the billing_center_admin or enterprise_manager roles are able to ignore and restore recommendations.


Changes in Behavior

  • When in a billing center, changing the breakdown dimension dropdown no longer resets the page to the current month -- the currently selected month remains selected.