Cloud Appliance for vSphere

RCA-V Adapter v3.0 release

  • Support for vSphere 6.5
  • Update appliance to Ubuntu 16.04
  • Support datastores in folders
  • Support host clusters in folders
  • Improve error handling when profile driven storage permissions are not set
  • Sync instance names from RightScale to vSphere
  • Delete userdata ISOs after upload
  • Use whitelisted URLs for admin UI status checks
  • Improve error handling when discovering instance types
  • Backup application config to datastore

Version: vscale_3.0_20170814_17, vscale-admin_3.0_20170829_18

How to upgrade to RCAV 3.0

More information about RCAV 3.0

Cloud Management

Changes in Behavior

  • Added support for showing the attachment between OS disks and Servers in AzureRM clouds -- now associated OS disk volumes can be found in the Volumes tab for a Server.