New Features

Plugin Costs API - Traditionally, RightScale has been focused on IaaS, however over the last few years we have been helping users manage their resources running in any environment. We do this by using Plugins. We are expanding RightScale Optima so that you can have visibility into all your costs regardless of which environment they run in. Here are some use cases you can now achieve using this new feature:

  • You can see your bills from cloud providers which RightScale does not have native support for, such as Oracle cloud. You can plugin these costs into Optima and see these costs in the same pane of glass.
  • You can plugin costs from other SaaS vendors, PaaS vendors etc into Optima.
  • You can plugin private cloud costs, other than the hourly compute costs which we track natively. As an example, if you would like to track storage costs on your private cloud, these costs can be plugged into Optima.

You can use the Optima API to push these costs in, and use the API or the UI to read these. You can then create budget alerts and scheduled reports to include these costs. Please see the Optima PluginCosts API for more information.

PluginCosts Screenshot in Optima Dashboard

Combined Costs API - To simplify accessing PluginCosts, CloudBills, and Instances at once, we have created a new Combined Costs API. This handles falling back to Instances data when no CloudBills are available, and is used on the Optima dashboard, and in scheduled reports and budget alerts.

For more information, see the Combined Costs API documentation.

Cloud Appliance for vSphere

RCA-V Adapter v2.0

Note: This is a major version change and requires installation via .ova as well as some potentially breaking changes. See upgrade instructions

  • Make the use of vSphere Resource Pools optional for tenants. Tenants can now forego the use of resource pools entirely and instead the adapter will use folders for organizing VMs. (PM-358) (PM-355)
  • Added official support for vSphere 6.0. (PM-175)

  • Allow mix of DHCP/Static network configuration. See the Documentation for more details. (PM-362)

  • Improved error handling

  • Upgraded version of Ruby

  • Use ConfigDrive instead of AltCloud for userdata

  • Multiple bug fixes

Cloud Management

New Features

  • Google Compute Engine - GCE Subnetworks are now discovered and can be used when creating and launching servers, arrays, and instances in GCE. Networks and their subnets are shown in Network Manager, however they can not be managed there today – they must first be created/configured in GCE. Any of those subnets can be used when managing servers, arrays, and instances through the CM Dashboard, CM API 1.5, and Self-Service CAT files.
  • MultiCloud Images - The MCI image selector now allows filtering on image metadata such as ID.

Changes in Behavior

  • AWS API Requests - We have updated the backoff algorithm used when AWS throttles API requests.
  • Deprecation of old Servers tab In 2013, we released a new version of our Servers tab for a deployment, while allowing you the option to switch back to the older version. This release removes the option to use the legacy Server tab for a deployment and all accounts will automatically switch to the new version of the Servers tab. *