RightLink v10.3.0 (GA)

RightLink version 10.3.0 is now Generally Available.

New Features

  • Support for Windows Azure cloud (Windows & Linux)
  • Support for CoreOS
  • Support for Windows custom monitoring (RightLink native)
  • Support for Linux custom monitoring (RightLink native, intended for use on CoreOS or when collectd is not in use)
  • Support for Linux base monitoring (RightLink native, intended for use on CoreOS)
  • Updated reference images(GP1) on AWS that support the latest instance types

Bug Fixes

  • Improve userdata fetcher service bundled with Windows to skip scraping userdata if we already have valid credentials
  • Fixed memory leak in which goroutine would be left behind after running an operational script
  • Fixed agent not starting up if localhost is not defined or incorrect
  • Fixed networking scripts for installation on CentOS/vSphere if SELinux is disabled
  • Remember the level of built-in monitoring across RightLink service restarts
  • Add in doppelganger detection for EC2 by killing duplicate launches
  • Only add Byte Order Mark on Powershell scripts that do not have one already
  • Fixed service failing to start when disabling then enabling an instance on CentOS/RHEL 7
  • Fixed final audit entries being cut short for upgrade script on occasion
  • Fixed boot bundle sometimes not running after stop/start on Windows 2008R2

For additional detail and documentation on this release, please refer to the following release notes.