Cloud Management

New Features

  • Microsoft Azure - All Azure instance types are now supported, including the newly released Dv2 instance type series.

Changes in Behavior

  • Updated the name sync with CloudStack so that hyphens no longer get stripped from instance names.

Cloud Appliance for vSphere

New Features

wstunnel Update - the RCA-V admin portal has been updated to use the latest version of wstunnel (v1.0.6) for communication with the RightScale platform. We recommend all customers upgrade to this new version using the steps outlined below:

  • Login to the RCA-V Admin UI.
  • Click on RightScale Platform in the left column.
  • Find the Admin Interface card and click on Upgrade button.
  • Look for the package labeled vscale-admin_1.3_20151110_23.
  • Download and Activate that package.
  • Refresh your browser window.