New Features

New Resource Types - The CAT language now supports two additional resource types: Credentials and SshKeys can now be incorporated into a CAT file natively, allowing you easily create these secrets on a per CloudApp basis and leverage them within the other servers, arrays, and other assets.

RCL Enhancement - We have added the ability to use variables as actions in Cloud Workflow, making the language even more powerful for interacting with the API. For example, you can now do @cloud.$resource_type.create(...), dynamically calling create based on the value of the variable.

Changes in Behavior

  • We have removed the ability for End Users of Self-Service to Delete CloudApps that are in the Failed state. This should prevent instances of users accidentally leaving resources running in Cloud Management. Designers and Admins can still delete those CloudApps, and should always make sure that the deployment is cleaned up in Cloud Management first.