Cloud Management

New Features

  • Support Added for AWS China Region - RightScale continues to expand its support for newly introduced AWS regions. The latest supported region is AWS China. The China (Beijing) region offers a technology service platform that is similar to other AWS Regions around the world with the same API and protocols that work in other regions. Customers who wish to use AWS resources in China are required to create an AWS (China) Account which includes a set of credentials that are distinct and separate from other global AWS Accounts. Only customers with an AWS (China) Account will be able to use resources operated in the AWS China (Beijing) region. For additional details on the AWS China region, please refer to:

Changes in Behavior

  • Login Panel - The new login page will now remember your preferences. If you have closed the marketing panel or selected to log in via SSO etc, these preferences will now be persisted.

  • Multiple Tag Updates - When updating multiple tags at once in the Instances and Servers page, the updated tags would not be copied through properly to AWS. This bug has now been fixed.

  • Miscellaneous - A number of minor defects have been addressed in this release.