New Features

  • Removed the ScheduledOperation resource from the API. This will be re-implemented by using ScheduledAction with the action name of run and additional metadata.
  • New publish modal is available that shows a live preview of the card in the Catalog as you're publishing. You can choose whether to use information from the CAT, from an existing published version, or create your own. Markdown tips are also now embedded in the modal.
  • Email notifications from Self-Service are now white labeled using the same settings as the portal. We use the primary background color and the primary logo as a header in your emails.
  • CloudApps in card view now load lazily as you scroll down the page - previous search and filtering works just like before.

Changes in Behavior

  • Fixed a bug where the terminate operation could sometimes go above 100%.
  • Changed the HTTP functions to encode spaces as %20 instead of + so that they will work with AWS services.
  • Fixed a bug where failure messages in the UI would not wrap correctly when using Firefox.
  • Fixed a bug where the sleep() function would not take duration style arguments.
  • Fixed errors in the behavior of the unary - and ! operators.
  • Fixed a bug where deleting a CloudApp from the Catalog did not remove it immediately.

Note: Archived Release Notes are Available Here