New Features

  • The RightScale Network Agent set of configuration scripts for RCA-V installation can be disabled by passing the '-n' option to or the -NoNetworkingScripts option to rightlink.install.ps1. These scripts have also been updated to not install for the enablement and install-at-boot use cases where functioning network connectivity is a prerequisite
  • Added support for passing open_stack_v3 as a cloud_type for enablement on Openstack (Liberty)
  • Added reference/example alerts to both the Linux and Windows RightLink 10 ServerTemplates
  • Added a new RightScript for both Linux and Windows that will enumerate the network interfaces from the current server and add/update the alerts to reflect the correct interface naming
  • Add support for a shebang on Windows to specify extra command line flags for PowerShell such as -Version 2.0, the shebang must be the first line of the RightScript, for example #!powershell -Version 2.0

Changes in Behavior

  • Update to no longer mark the state or secret files for deletion on Windows. This was found to interfere with some Microsoft installers (MS SQL 2016). RightLink checks if the state file was created before the system boot time to determine the booting state on Windows
  • Fixed an issue where the Server could fail to post audit entry updates grater than 5 MB in size
  • Fixed a possible race condition where the RightLink state file did not always reflect the current state before a required service restart (Docker monitoring). This could cause the boot scripts to run a second time or for a stranded server to go operational
  • Updated to go 1.7 to resolve an issue with timeouts from the RightLink10 local proxy
  • Update to both Linux and Windows enablement scripts to use UUID to locate servers in Azure Resource Manager
  • Update to script to suppress benign error output
  • Update to allow a reboot during the boot script execution which will now stop execution of further scripts and not enter a stranded or operational state until the subsequent boot
  • Update to avoid exit code 143 (sigterm) for RightScripts on upstart-based systems by putting them in their own process group

For additional detail and documentation on this release, please refer to the following release notes.