New Features

  • Improved Managed Login functionality for RightLink 10.5 and higher. With the new managed login feature, RightLink 10 leverages an open-source NSS plugin to authorize users from RightScale roles (server_login and server_superuser) and authenticate users using their keys stored in RightScale. Every user has a system-provided login name and can create a preferred login name in their User Settings under SSH. Read more on the RightLink 10 Managed SSH Login page.
  • Added support for $RS_PACKAGES env variable for RightScripts which allows you to efficiently invoke your package manager to install all packages required by your RightScripts. Read more on the RightLink10 Script Execution page.
  • Bug fixes for Docker support, Start event, and Docker Import

For additional detail and documentation on this release, please refer to the following release notes.