New Features

  • An applied policy can now be run on-demand by leveraging the Run Now option in either the UI in the Actions menu or the AppliedPolicy#evaluate method in the API.
  • Each run of a policy now provides a detailed log that can be accessed by users with the policy_designer role to see a full log of all data and requests made by the policy. Users with the privilege will see this both in the UI in the Actions menu as well as in the AppliedPolicy#log action in the API.


  • The datasource now supports an ignore_status_code field to allow you to specify any status code responses to ignore, instead of throwing an error. Read more about this in the Request details for datasource in the documentation.

  • Applied policies now provide detailed status, including the last time the policy was started and finished as well as the next scheduled time it will run. All of these fields are available in the AppliedPolicy#status action in the API and the last started time is shown in the UI as Last ran on.