New Features

  • GCE Instance Tag Support - RightScale now supports GCE instance tags and syncs them with the cloud. Any tags on a RS instance prefixed with gce: will be synced to GCE, and tags from GCE will come in to RS in the same format. Read more about it here.

Changes in Behavior

  • SAML/SSO Improvements - Our SAML/SSO implementation has been enhanced as follows:
    • Invitation emails sent to an SSO-enabled invitee now contain a link that logs the user in through SSO with one click, no additional user action required and no discovery hint needed.
    • SAML login once again redirects to a user's last account instead of to an account selector. (This is default behavior that can be changed by making use of default SAML RelayState; refer to the RightScale SAML RelayStates page on our documentation site for additional information.
    • Password-reset emails have consistent HTML styling.
  • Hard Instance Shutdown - We've added a hard shutdown after an instance has been decommissioning for a specified period. The default time is 50 minutes, but can be extended through the use of an instance tag. Read more about it here.