Before registering your OpenStack cloud and adding it to RightScale, you should read these configuration details about our compatibility and support. Check out our OpenStack Reference Architecture page to see details of the architecture we used and tested against.

Requirements for RightScale with OpenStack Juno, Kilo, and Liberty

  • OpenStack Juno, Kilo, or Liberty version
  • Public endpoints available for Keystone, Nova, Glance, Cinder, Swift
  • Neutron networking is required. Nova-network is not supported by RightScale
  • Outbound network connectivity meeting RightScale requirements
  • Metadata service available to all instances
  • Functioning DNS server available to all instance
  • Network connectivity between instances across compute nodes
  • One network must be available to cloud account tenant
  • Nova Availability Zones and Host Aggregates are not required but if used, they must be managed by instance flavors
  • Update the keystone.conf file with the cloud's public endpoint. Note: You will use the same URL later in this tutorial as the Registration URL when you register the cloud with RightScale.
# The base endpoint URLs for keystone that are advertised to clients
# (NOTE: this does NOT affect how keystone listens for connections)
public_endpoint = <<>># admin_endpoint = http://localhost:%(admin_port)s/

Supported Features in the Cloud Management Dashboard

Nova Compute (Cloud Compute)

  • Instances and ServerTemplates
  • Firewalls (Security Groups)
  • Monitoring, Alerts, Arrays, SSH
  • Glance Image Service


  • Static IPs
  • Subnets

Cinder Volumes (Block Storage)

  • Create, Attach, Detach, Delete, Snapshot, Create from Snapshot

Account Selection

Be sure to select the desired account with which you would like to register your OpenStack cloud. A cloud can only be registered to one RightScale account. Cloud registration requires admin role privileges. Once a cloud has been successfully registered it cannot be registered with another RightScale account unless you delete it.

API Endpoints

RightScale relies on keystone service catalog for discovery of these endpoints. There are two options with regards to providing RightScale access to the endpoints:

  • The following OpenStack endpoint URLs are publicly accessible. This means, the publicURL for each of the following services need to have a public IP address.
  • Follow the wstunnel setup procedure to establish an outbound connection from your environment to RightScale. In this case, the endpoints do NOT need to be Internet accessible.

Please ensure that these URLs (IP addresses and Port numbers) are accessible to RightScale over the Internet or via a wstunnel and are properly configured in firewall settings.

  1. Compute endpoint (Nova)
    • Juno and Kilo support v2
      • API compute endpoint publicURL should look like:
    • Liberty Supports v2.1
      • API compute endpoint publicURL should look like:
  2. Identify endpoint (KeyStone)
    • Juno and Kilo support v2
      • API identity endpoint publicURL should look like:
    • Liberty supports v3.4
      • API identity endpoint publicURL should look like:
  3. Image endpoint (Glance)
    • Juno, Kilo and Liberty support v2
      • API image endpoint publicURL should look like:
  4. Volume endpoint (Cinder)
    • Juno, Kilo and Liberty support v2
      • API volume or volumev2 endpoint publicURL should look like:
  5. Object-store (Swift)
    • Juno, Kilo and Liberty support v2
      • API object-store endpoint publicURL should look like:
  6. Network (Neutron)
    • Juno, Kilo and Liberty support v2
      • API network endpoint publicURL should look like:

Firewall Settings

See About Firewalls for detailed information on configuring your firewall settings for proper use with OpenStack.

Uploading Images

See Upload RightImages to a Private Cloud to get our base images into your OpenStack cloud.

Additional Configuration Requirements

If shared networks will be used, the neutron policy must be changed to allow port creation by non-owners. In /etc/neutron/policy.conf, ensure the rule 'regular_user: "",' exists. Then add the 'regular_user' rule to 'create_port' and 'create_port:fixed_ips'.

Example: create_port: rule:regular_user, create_port:fixed_ips: rule:admin_or_network_owner or rule:context_is_advsvc or rule:regular_user,


If you run into any issues during your OpenStack registration process or otherwise, please book a ticket by emailing support@rightscale.com.