Add your OpenStack cloud with RightScale so that you can use the Cloud Management (CM) Dashboard to manage your cloud resources.


  • (Recommended) A set of non-admin cloud credentials (username, password, tenantID)
  • The OpenStack cloud you wish to add must already be registered with a RightScale account.
  • A Rightscale account with Admin Role priviledges
  • Cloud Token received from the cloud administrator.
  • This tutorial uses the Horizon dashboard.


Connect to Cloud

  1. After logging into the CM Dashboard, go to Settings > Account Settings > Clouds. Click Connect to a Cloud.
  2. Next, click Connect to a Private Cloud.

Enter Cloud Token

Next, you will have to enter your Cloud Token.

Enter Credentials

Next, enter values for the following fields:

  • Username : The OpenStack username used to log in to the Horizon dashboard (recommended to be the username for a non-Admin OpenStack user).
  • Password: The related password.
  • Tenant ID : find the tenant ID by logging into the Horizon dashboard. Retrieve this value when logged in as admin by navigating to Access & Security > Identity > Download OpenStack RC File. Open the downloaded RC File and find the value under OS_TENANT_ID.

Check the cloud status

On the same Clouds tab or on the Cloud Credentials widget in the Overview tab, you may check the status of your cloud.

  • Cloud Controller - Displays the status of your cloud.
  • Cloud Account - Displays the status of your cloud credentials.

Both of these items must be valid and active (green) in order to successfully launch cloud server.

Next Steps

Allow RightScale several minutes to populate your account with the appropriate images before launching servers. In the RightScale Dashboard, navigate to Clouds > OpenStack > Images where RightScale queries every few minutes for the images.

To upload RightScale RightImages to your OpenStack cloud, see Upload RightImages to a Private Cloud.