The Chef Server for Linux ServerTemplate Linux contains the minimum set of scripts and alerts for optimized server management through the RightScale platform such as:

  • Install and setup a chef server
  • Creation of alert specifications for automation.
  • Best practices alerts that are pre-configured under the Alerts tab.

You can customize the Chef Server install by cloning the ServerTemplate and making your modifications.

Minimum Scripts for Best Practices

Since the Chef Server for Linux ServerTemplate contains the minimum set of script that are required for optimal server management within the RightScale management platform, it’s recommended that these scripts are not deleted from a ServerTemplate unless you are an advanced user and are aware of the ramifications.

The minimum set of scripts in the Chef Server for Linux ServerTemplate are found in most ServerTemplates published by RightScale and perform the following setup operations.

Boot Sequence

See RightLink 10 Linux Base for details on the default scripts.

  • RL10 Chef Server - This script installs a stand-alone Chef Server.

Operational scripts

  • RL10 Chef Server Backup - Performs a backup to cloud storage of the chef server cookbooks, database and config.
  • RL10 Chef Server Restore - Performs a restore of the backup.
  • RL10 Chef Server Schedule - Schedules the backups.

Chef Server Inputs

Input Name Description Example Value
CHEF_SERVER_ADDONS A comma separated list of chef server add-ons text: manager,reporting
CHEF_SERVER_FQDN The FQDN of the chef server. text: chef-server.example.com
CHEF_SERVER_VERSION The version of chef server to install text: 12.0.8
CHEF_NOTIFICATON_EMAIL The email address the chef server will use for notifications and alerts. text: name@example.com
LOG_LEVEL The log level for the chef server install. text: info
SMTP_RELAYHOST The SMTP Relay host text:email.relay.com
SMTP_SASL_USER_NAME The username for the mail relay host cred: SMTP_SASL_USER_NAME
SMTP_SASL_PASSWORD The password for the mail relay host cred: SMTP_SASL_PASSWORD
BACKUP_LINEAGE The name of the backup text: chef-server
STORAGE_ACCOUNT_ENDPOINT The cloud storage endpoint text: https://some.end.point.com/path/
STORAGE_ACCOUNT_ID The Cloud provider Username or key ccred:AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID
STORAGE_ACCOUNT_PROVIDER The cloud provider text:aws
STORAGE_ACCOUNT_SECRET The Cloud provider password or secret cred:AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY
SCHEDULE_ENABLE Enable or disable the schedule backup text: true
SCHEDULE_HOUR The backup schedule hour based on the crontab hr text: 6
SCHEDULE_MINUTE The backup schedule minute base on the crontab min. text: 30