The ‘base’ ServerTemplate for Linux contains the minimum set of scripts and alerts for optimized server management through the RightScale platform such as:

  • Install the chef client
  • Runs chef recipes with provided runlist.

It’s strongly recommended that you begin custom ServerTemplate development by cloning the ‘base’ ServerTemplate and then modify it to meet your needs.

Minimum Scripts for Best Practices

Since the “Base” ServerTemplate contains the minimum set of script that are required for optimal server management within the RightScale management platform, it’s recommended that these scripts are not deleted from a ServerTemplate unless you are an advanced user and are aware of the ramifications.

The minimum set of scripts in the Base ServerTemplate are found in most ServerTemplates published by RightScale and perform the following setup operations:

Boot Sequence

See RightLink 10 Linux Base for details on the default scripts.

  • RL10 Chef Client Install - This script installs a the chef client.

Operational scripts

  • RL10 Chef Client Run recipe - Run a chef recipe with the chef client.

Decommision sequence

  • Chef Client Delete Node - Removes the chef node and client from the chef server.

Chef Server Inputs

Input Name Description Example Value
CHEF_ENVIRONMENT The Chef Server environment to use. text:_default
CHEF_SERVER_URL The Chef Server URL text: https//chef-server.example.com/organizations/example/
CHEF_VALIDATION_NAME The Chef Server Validator name text: example-validator
LOG_LEVEL The log level for the chef client log text: info
VERSION The version of the chef client to install text: 12.16