Primarily aimed at CloudApp Designers, there are a set of open source and other tools that are available to help you more efficiently design, test, manage, and learn about Cloud Applications. These tools generally leverage the RightScale Self-Service API to provide additional functionality. If you have other tools to submit, please email our community address

Command Line Tools

Various tools for interacting with Self-Service APIs via command line

  • rsc - Command line interface written in Go for any generic API with metadata
  • Deployment Exporter - Export existing RightScale deployments to CAT files
  • CAT and RCL tools - Example cloud application templates and definition fragments. It aspires to be a library of reusable CAT & RCL definitions
  • Self-Service Ruby API Client - A Ruby CLI app for performing various Self-Service tasks, as well as a Ruby client library for the API

Learning tools

Tools to help teach the CAT and Cloud Workflow language