This Cloud Worflow Console (CWF) Console provides the ability to execute RightScale Cloud Workflow code (RCL) directly against the CWF engine without having to use a CAT file. CWF Console only works with RCL code, you can't paste in an entire CAT (it doesn't take any declarations). Plugins cannot be tested in the CWF Console

Permissions Required

The ss_designer role is required to access CWF console

Accessing the CWF Console

  • Click on Designer on the left panel.
  • Click on CWF Console to the right of Designer


  • Click on Create New Process



  • If you want to see the value of a variable/resource, return it from your main definition – it will show up as an Output when the process is over. Alternatively, you could use a global variable ($$) or resource collection (@@) and it will show up while the process is running on the Process Info Tab.