Using vSphere HA

You can set up VM level high availability using the following steps:

  • Turn on vSphere HA on the vSphere Cluster that the RCA-V is deployed on.
  • Turn on Enable Host Monitoring and VM Monitoring in vSphere HA configuration.

This will enable monitoring at two different levels:

  1. If the host goes down, the RCA-V VM on that host will automatically restart on another host that is healthy.
  2. If the VM running RCA-V goes down due to an accidental power-off or the guest OS crashing, the RCA-V will restart on the same physical server.

Using Standby RCA-V

Have another RCA-V pre-configured and ready to go in case the primary RCA-V fails.
The procedure for creating a secondary RCA-V is:

a. Deploy another instance of RCA-V (called RCA-V-DR)
b. Login to the admin UI for RCA-V-DR and configure the vSphere connectivity section.
c. Copy the following files from primary RCA-V into RCA-V-DR


d. Power off RCA-V-DR. In case of failure of RCA-V primary, the RCA-V-DR is ready to get started and taking on requests from RS platform.