RightScale Cloud Appliance for vSphere (RCA-V) is a lightweight virtual software appliance that enables you to manage your vSphere environment as if it were a private cloud. It delivers a compute cloud API on top of VMware® vSphere® and adds cloud-like capabilities that expand and simplify access to vSphere. Using RCA-V in combination with RightScale Cloud Portfolio Management, you can provide a single pane of glass to seamlessly manage and move applications across public and private clouds as well vSphere environments.

With RCA-V you can...

  • Provide Migration and Portability Across Cloud and vSphere Workloads.
  • Create Standardized Workloads Across vSphere.
  • Streamline Ongoing Management of vSphere Workloads.
  • Provide Policy-Based Access to Clouds and vSphere.
  • Manage Capacity and Control Costs.

  • This site contains all the relevant documentation for installing, configuring, and administering RCA-V. Using RCA-V you can provide your developers with self-service access to deploy and manage workloads in virtualized resource pools, while ensuring policy-based governance and controls.

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