For complete information on how to create, clone, delete, archive, and unarchive a Deployment, please navigate to the Deployment Actions page

Background Information

To build a duplicate Deployment, follow the steps below.


  1. First, identify one of your existing Deployments that you would like to clone.

  2. From the existing Deployment, select the Clone Deployment action, and rename it so it is different from the original Deployment.

  3. Once you are done with cloning and renaming the new Deployment, you can then go to the new Deployment and set the inputs accordingly under the Inputs tab in the Deployment view.

  4. You may want to clean up some Servers that you don't need under the new Deployment, in order to show less inputs and have less to configure.

For more information about RightScale Deployments, you can reference the Deployment Concepts page.

Note: Cloning a Deployment is one of the neat features that you can use to replicate your current environment, and to get up and running quickly, requiring only minor changes.