With OAuth enabled, you can make authenticated API 1.0 and 1.5 requests without the need of a password. This creates a token that can be passed with every API call and can be disabled at any time from the the API Credentials tab under Account Settings.


Follow the steps below to enable OAuth:

  1. Make sure you're in the account you want to enable with OAuth.
  2. Go to Settings > Account Settings > API Credentials.
  3. In Status , click enable.
  4. Obtain the API refresh token in order to make API requests without logging in. It's important that this token is protected.

Token Lifecycle and Permission Model

The token displayed on this page is an account-specific token; you have a separate token for every RightScale account and they can be enabled or disabled (revoked) independently. However: tokens are not scoped to an account, meaning that the refresh token for any account can be used to access resources belonging to other accounts.

Additional OAuth scoping features (to specific accounts and/or actions) are under development; when we deploy these features, all existing tokens will remain unscoped to avoid backward compatibility issues.

Additional Notes

  • Anyone who possesses a valid token can log into the enabled account via the API and perform API requests on your behalf, with all of your permissions. Please protect this token appropriately.
  • The OAuth API feature allows users with Single Sign-On enabled to access the API without a username/password combination.
  • Enable enables OAuth for your account and generates a valid token. This token does not expire until it is disabled which will make the previous token invalid. The next time it is enabled, a new token will be generated.

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