Azure Resource Manager (ARM) vs Azure Service Manager (Classic)

Azure Resource Manager is the replacement for Azure Service Manager (Classic). The architecture, APIs, and features available for Azure classic are different than Azure and more limited and the two models are not compatible. Microsoft documentation “recommends that you use Resource Manager for all new resources. If possible, Microsoft recommends that you redeploy existing resources through Resource Manager.”

While classic deployments are still supported in Azure, the Azure classic portal is no longer supported as of January 2018 and most Azure services are only supported under Azure Resource Manager.

You can continue to manage Azure classic deployments in RightScale, but you must register your Azure subscriptions separately for classic and ARM support. Learn about RightScale support for Azure Resource Manager.

Supported Azure Classic Services

RightScale supports the following Azure Classic features

  • Virtual Machines
  • Disks
  • Networks

Known Issues and Limitations

  • If you try to terminate multiple servers in one action using the bulk select and terminate option, it may result in one of the servers becoming stranded in the decommissioning state. In such cases, you must manually delete the stranded server(s) to terminate it.
  • Command line based stop requests will result in an allocated stop. This type of stopped state is not supported by RightScale. If a CLI based stop is executed on a server that server will stay in the Operational state in RightScale as opposed to transitioning to the stopped state as expected.

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