API Overview

For a general overview of the concepts used across all APIs, including endpoints, authentication, headers, and more, see the following information:

Self-Service API Overview

The Self-Service API is composed of three separate services, each of which has a specific purpose:

  • Designer - the Designer API is used to validate CAT syntax, design schedules, launch CloudApps for testing purposes, and publish CloudApps to the Catalog
  • Catalog - the Catalog API is used to launch published CloudApps with all options, such as parameters, schedules, and end dates
  • Manager - the Manager API is used to manage running CloudApps; including getting information, starting custom operations, terminating, and stopping and starting

Some actions are available through multiple API services/resources -- when this is the case, the actions are aliases for each other.

Views and Filters

Views and filters can be used to change the detail of information returned or to limit which resources are returned. For details, see the RightScale API Overview


All responses from the Self-Service API are JSON. Each resource in the API documentation contains a MediaType desription that defines what attributes are returned for a given resource. Views are used to vary the level of detail returned in a given response.

Sample calls

This page lists sample requests and responses for most SS API calls: