Self-Service has 4 primary user types that impact what parts of the UI and API are available to a given user. The general descriptions of each user type are:

  • SS Observer - Users with role ss_observer can view the Catalog and running CloudApps, but can not take any action on them (such as launch or terminate).
  • SS End User - Users with role ss_end_user are the primary consumers of Self-Service, they can view the Catalog and CloudApps and can launch and manage CloudApps.
  • SS Designer - Users with role ss_designer can access the Design menu to upload and publish CATs, manage Schedules, and interact with the Cloud Workflow Console.
  • Admin - Users with role admin or enterprise_managercan access the Admin menu to configure the Self-Service portal for the account.

Learn more about RightScale User Roles, including how to grant and revoke them from users and/or groups.

Inviting Self Service Users

Method 1: Using the Cloud Management Invite flow

  • Step 1: Login as an Admin or Enterprise Manager and go to Settings > Account Settings (or Enterprise Settings).

  • Step 2: Under the Invitations tab, click the Invite Users button and choose the appropriate Self-Service roles. Hit Send Invitations when done.


Learn more about the detailed invitation process.

Method 2: Using the API

  • Step 1: Use the API 1.5 Users.create call and set their password as needed.

  • Step 2: Use API 1.5 Permissions to grant the user appropriate Self-Service roles (ss_end_user, ss_designer, ss_observer).