You have one or more Ruby or Python scripts that you would like to run on RightScale-managed Windows Servers.


By using RightScript Attachments, you can install and run scripts for other interpreters or binaries such as Ruby or Python.
Create a RightScript and attach your Ruby or Python script as a standard attachment, then in your RightScript use a Powershell statement to run the attached script.

Ruby Example

The script below will run the attached script, hello_world.rb with Ruby, provided that the ruby binary is in PATH.

Invoke-Expression "ruby $env:RS_ATTACH_DIR\hello_world.rb"

Python Example

Below is an example where you install Python in a specific location (PATH) and then run the attached Python script.

[System.Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable("PATH", "$env:path;C:\Python31", "machine") Invoke-Expression "python $env:RS_ATTACH_DIR\"