Background Information

You need to know how to connect your Apache Tomcat application to the Master MySQ database.


The RightScripts handle this automatically but to resolve the JNDI link 'java:comp/env/jdbc/MYSQLDB', you must do the following:

  • Allow RightScale's server.xml to host primary jdbc connection
  • Add ResourceLink element to META-INF/context.xml.  See the following example:

    <?xml version=*"1.0"* encoding=*"UTF-8"*?>
        <ResourceLink name=*"jdbc/MYSQLDB"* global=*"jdbc/MYSQLDB"* type=*"javax.sql.Datasource"* />
  • In web.xml, add the following resource ref:

    • DB Connection
    • jdbc/MYSQLDB
    • javax.sql.DataSource
    • Container