Most RightScale RightScripts are categorized by a two to four letter prefix on their script name. This groups similar scripts together, making it easier to find whether scrolling through all RightScripts, or by using the Filter by Name feature.

The following table lists the primary RightScript Categories, along with generic examples of the type of scripts that fall within that category.

Category Description
APP Application. Related to a specific application, such as Mephisto.
DB Database. Various operation pertaining to the database, such as initialization, backup, restore to/from EBS or S3.
DNS Domain Name System. DNS operations, most of which involve DNS Made Easy.
LB Load Balancers. Various load balancing connect/disconnect operations involving Apache, HA Proxy, Mongrels, etc.
MAIL Mail. Postfix local mail delivery services.
NFS Network File System.
RB Ruby.
S3 Simple Storage Service. Amazon's AWS S3 service related scripts.
SYS System. Unix related scripts. For example, scripts that mount file partitions, add swap space, pertain to monitoring, syslog, etc.
WEB Web. Web related scripts that stop, start, restart, install, or configure various web related services such as Apache front ends, Tom Cat and Ruby on Rails applications.