To accept an Account Group Invitation so that you can view and import (or subscribe to) the shared components (e.g. ServerTemplates, RightScripts, MuliCloud Images, etc.) in the MultiCloud Marketplace, which have been privately shared with you from another RightScale account.


  • Requires 'admin' user role privileges
  • Recipient RightScale account must be enabled for private sharing. Please contact your RightScale Sales Account Manager for details.


An Account Group specifies which RightScale accounts will have access to import a shared RightScale component (e.g. ServerTemplate, RightScript, etc.) from the MultiCloud Marketplace. Before you can view and access the shared components, you must first accept the Account Group Invitation.


  1. Go to Settings > Account Settings > Account Groups. Click Add.
  2. Enter the Membership Code that was provided to you in the Account Group Invitation email and click Review.
  3. You will be asked to review and confirm that you want to accept the Account Group Invitation. Click the Accept button if you wish to continue.
  4. Click the Close button when finished. Under the Account Groups tab you will see a list of all the Account Groups to which this particular RightScale account has access.
  5. Now that you've accepted the Account Group Invitation, go to the MultiCloud Marketplace (Design > MultiCloud Marketplace). Under the Categories section, click the Shared link to view all of the shared assets for the selected component (e.g. ServerTemplates).

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