Export all RightScale alerts on your account to a specified SNS Topic.


  • Requires 'admin' user role privileges to configure this feature.
  • An Amazon Web Services account with valid AWS Credentials. See Sign-up for Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Must have SNS set up with your AWS account.


Export all alert escalations to an SNS Topic so you can log them in the ticketing service of your choice.


  1. Navigate to Settings > Account Settings > Preferences. cm-preferences-sns.png
  2. Specify an SNS TopicARN and your SNS Cloud Region.
    • SNS TopicARN: the unique ARN (Amazon Resource Name) assigned by AWS after creating a topic, consisting of the service name, region and AWS ID.
    • SNS Cloud Region: select the region where your SNS is utilized.
  3. Click Save.

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