The IP Whitelists section lets you specify the range of IP addresses that can log into RightScale or from which users or programs can access RightScale API endpoints. This feature can be used by account administrators to enable access to RightScale through a company's IP address.


  • Requires admin user role privileges and Enterprise Edition to configure this feature. Contact your account manager or sales@rightscale.com for more details.


By default, users are allowed to log into the RightScale Dashboard from any public IP address (i.e. IP Whitelist Access Control is disabled). To enable the IP Whitelist access control feature, create a rule.


  • Navigate to Settings > Account Settings > Access Controls. Enable IP Whitelist access controls by creating a rule.


  • Specify the IP Range and Description and select Add. You must specify IP addresses in CIDR format. (e.g.

Your list of active IP whitelist ranges are displayed below. If you would like to remove an IP restriction, simply delete the rule.

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