Set Instance Type Prices

Private Clouds now have the ability to set their own pricing on Instance Types. For example, you can change the associated cost of a large instance type from a dime to .12/hour from the RightScale Dashboard. Use the following procedure to set your own pricing on your Private Cloud.


  • 'admin' user permissions in the RightScale account to which the private cloud is registered. Any user with 'admin' user permissions can set pricing information for Instance Types in private clouds.


  • Navigate to Clouds > CloudName > Instance Types. The current Name, Estimated Pricing, Resource UID for the Instance Types, etc. are all displayed.
  • Select the Change Pricing action button. The current prices are displayed with editable fields.
  • Set or modify the pricing per hour fields as needed. For example, you could set:
    • Small Instance Type to .08/hour
    • Medium to .10/hour
    • Large to .12/hour
  • Click the Save action button when ready