Create a New RDS Parameter Group


Parameter groups contain configuration parameters and their settings. They govern the behavior of your RDS database. Use the following procedure to create a new RDS Parameter Group.


  • Navigate to: Clouds > AWS Region > RDS Parameter Groups
  • Select the New Group action button and provide the following information:
    • Group Name - Name your parameter group (One string, case is not preserved. Required. Example: StagingParams )
    • Group Description - Describe your group. (Alphanumeric string. Required. Example: Try new settings for stage and test deployment)
    • DB Engine - MySQL 5.1. Only MySQL 5.1 is currently supported, so it is pre-populated for you in the web form.
  • Select the Create action button to save your Parameter Group and all of its settings.

Post Tutorial Steps

  • View your Parameter Group
  • Modify a parameter

View RDS Parameter Groups


Use the following procedure to view all of the parameters for a specific RDS Parameter Group


  • Navigate to Clouds > AWS Region > RDS Parameter Groups
  • Select an existing RDS Parameter Group
  • A table with the following fields is displayed:
    • Name
    • Data type/Apply Type
    • Source
    • Value
    • Description

View all of the database engine parameter values that will be applied to all RDS Instances that are created with this RDS Parameter Group.

Action Buttons

You can execute operations on the selected RDS Parameter Group using the following action buttons.

  • Reset - Reset all of the parameter values to their original default values.
  • Delete - Delete the RDS Parameter Group. You cannot delete an RDS Parameter Group that's actively being used by a running RDS Instance.

View MySQL Engine defaults

After creating a RDS Parameter Group, the MySQL parameters and their default values are set for you.

  • To view the parameters: Clouds > AWS Region > RDS Parameter Groups > Select the ParameterGroupName

The following fields are displayed (for dozens of individual parameters):

  • Parameter Name - Name of the individual parameter
  • Parameter Value - Value of the parameter
  • Type
    • Data Type - Boolean, integer or string.
    • Apply Type - The type of parameter. Either static or dynamic.
  • Source - Parameter source.
    • System: Amazon RDS service.
    • EngineDefault: Source is the database engine;
    • User: Parameter value came from the user
  • Value - Actual parameter value. (Boolean, integer or string value.) A - indicates it is not set, and a default value will be used.
  • Description - A short description of the parameter