Adding images from other projects

  1. Go to Settings > Account Settings > Clouds.

  2. Click pencil icon next to google cloud gce-add-shared-project-images-1.png

  3. Enter the name of a Google Project ID like my-example-project and press enter. You can add multiple projects. google-cloud-shared-project-images.png

  4. Once you press enter, your project will appear as below. google-cloud-shared-project-images-added.png

  5. If you click on the Google Cloud name hyperlink, you can now see the shared projects listed. google-cloud-shared-project-images-list.png

  6. Once a project is added, RightScale will poll images from that project and make them available in the Images list for Google. Once you see an image in the list, you can use it to launch within RightScale.