RightScale allows you to discover, provision, take action, and create policies across a wide variety of Azure Resource Manager (ARM) cloud services including compute, storage, network, database, middleware, and application services.

Many cloud services are supported out-of-the-box in RightScale while others leverage a plugin. Plugins describe the API of a service provider for the RightScale platform, including defining the parameters which must be specified to interact with the service, the structure of resources in the service, and how RightScale can create and interact with those resources. RightScale continually creates new plugins for cloud services which are shared in a public repository on GitHub. RightScale partners or customers can create their own plugins.

There are four approaches that you can leverage to manage cloud services in RightScale:

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) vs Azure Service Management (Classic)

Azure Resource Manager is the replacement for Azure Service Manager (Classic). The architecture, APIs, and features available for Azure classic are different than Azure and more limited and the two models are not compatible. Microsoft documentation “recommends that you use Resource Manager for all new resources. If possible, Microsoft recommends that you redeploy existing resources through Resource Manager.”

While classic deployments are still supported in Azure, the Azure classic portal is no longer supported as of January 2018 and most Azure services are only supported under Azure Resource Manager.

You can continue to manage Azure classic deployments in RightScale, but you must register your Azure subscriptions separately for classic and ARM support.

Supported Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Services

Below is a list of services supported for Azure. Other services can be supported through custom plugins or the http/https function in Cloud Application Templates.

Azure Services How Supported Link to Plugin
Virtual Machines Native and Plugin Azure Compute
Scale Sets Plugin Azure Compute
AKS Plugin Azure Container Services
Managed/Unmanaged Disks Native
Blob Storage Native
Storage Plugin Azure Storage
Networks Native and Plugin Azure Networking Interface
Load Balancer Plugin Azure Load Balancer
SQL Database Plugin Azure SQL Database
Azure Database for MySQL Plugin Azure Database for MySQL
Azure Database for PostgreSQL Plugin Azure PostgreSQL
Azure Cosmos DB Plugin Azure Cosmos DB
Redis Cache Plugin Azure Redis Cache
ARM Templates Plugin Azure ARM Templates
Azure Key Vault Plugin Azure Key Vault
Service Diagnostics Plugin Azure Service Diagnostic Settings
Azure Resources Plugin Azure Resources
Any other Azure services Custom plugin or http/https support  

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