Register your Google Compute Engine cloud account with RightScale so that you can use the Dashboard to manage your Google Compute Engine cloud resources.


  • You must have a Google Compute Engine account
  • You must have admin privileges on the RightScale account


To connect GCE to RightScale, you must take the following actions:

  1. Enable Compute Engine APIs for your Google project
  2. Add the Google project to your RightScale account

Enable APIs in Google

  1. Go to the Google APIs Console

  2. Make sure the desired project is selected and press the Enable API button google_register_enable_apis.png

  3. Select Compute Engine API under the Google Cloud APIs category google_register_enable_apis.png

  4. Click the Enable button google_register_enable_apis.png

  5. Wait for the operation to complete (you will see a Disable button once it's done)

Optional, but recommended

  1. Return to the GCE API Library and select Cloud Storage Service

  2. Click the Enable button

  3. Wait for the operation to complete (you will see a Disable button once it's done)

Register GCE Project in RightScale

  1. In your RightScale account Go to Settings > Account Settings > Clouds tab. Click Connect to a Cloud.
  2. Click the Add icon (+) next to Google.
  3. Enter your Google Compute Engine project ID, which can be found on this page and click Continue
  4. You will be redirected to the Your Clouds page where you should see two green indicators for Google

Next Steps

Once you allow access, you will see that the Google Compute Engine cloud is enabled under the Clouds tab in the Dashboard. All of your Google Compute Engine resources are now visible under the Clouds menu (Clouds > Google Compute Engine). Allow RightScale several minutes to populate your account with the appropriate images before launching servers.

Optima may take up to 24 hours before data is available.

Adding images from other projects

  1. Go to Settings > Account Settings > Clouds.

  2. Click pencil icon next to google cloud gce-add-shared-project-images-1.png

  3. Enter the name of a Google Project ID like my-example-project and press enter. You can add multiple projects. google-cloud-shared-project-images.png

  4. Once you press enter, your project will appear as below. google-cloud-shared-project-images-added.png

  5. If you click on the Google Cloud name hyperlink, you can now see the shared projects listed. google-cloud-shared-project-images-list.png

  6. Once a project is added, RightScale will poll images from that project and make them available in the Images list for Google. Once you see an image in the list, you can use it to launch within RightScale.


Username Mismatch


Error During Registration

If you are seeing a red error during registration that says something to the effect of: Project 'your-project' is not accessible, make sure you have enabled the Compute Engine API as described above