Amazon provides infrastructure and a suite of web services that enables developers to create dynamic and robust applications. Although these tools are effective and versatile, they can be complicated to use. RightScale is dedicated to providing powerful and intuitive solutions and ways to take full advantage of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Deploying on AWS can save you time, money, and administrative effort compared to building and maintaining more traditional systems. Deploying on RightScale will magnify your return on investment, cut your time to market, and reduce the resources required to manage your hosted environment. Before we show you how we make it easier, let's cover the basics of the services that Amazon provides. For more information, see http://aws.amazon.com/.

Video Introduction to AWS and RightScale

Enjoy this short video presentation covering AWS and RightScale.

Amazon Web Services and RightScale

Supported AWS Features

Here is a list of AWS features currently supported in RightScale.

Feature US-east All Other Regions
Instances X X
Images (Amazon Machine Images - AMIs) X X
Security Groups X X
SSH Keys X X
Elastic IPs X X
Placement Groups X Ø
EBS Volumes X X
EBS Snapshots X X
Elastic Load Balancing X X
Reserved Instances X X
RDS Instances X X
RDS Security Groups X X
RDS Subnet Groups X X
RDS Parameter Groups X X
RDS Snapshots X X
VPC DHCP Options X X
VPC Internet Gateways X X
SQS Queues X X

Legend: X - Supported feature
Ø - Not supported

Published ServerTemplates

The RightScale MultiCloud Marketplace offers many ServerTemplates that support AWS.

Click here to see AWS ServerTemplates, or follow these simple instructions:

  1. Go to http://www.rightscale.com/library/server_templates and then fill out:
  2. Cloud Vendor: Amazon Web Services (from the drop-down menu)
  3. Enter keywords and other filters as needed (Optional)
  4. Click Go

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  • Support - Report any bugs related to RightScale, please raise a support ticket from the Dashboard or email support@rightscale.com.